Are all endpoints capitalized when used in URL/Endpoint?

URLs are not case sensitive, but parameters are.

What are the parameters for PlaceOrder endpoint? Would it be different when placing multiple orders?

No parameters are needed for PlaceOrder, all info would be in the payload. There's no difference for placing an order and multi-orders.

In Notification endpoint, if we request all orders' information, how do we specify it's all orders of us?

Each client has its own GUID, so when you place orders, we would know the orders are from which client, therefore, from the GUID & user(headers), we would know who is requesting for the info.

What is the data type of "order_number"?

It’s a string data type, 20 char. length, it needs to be a unique id due to we use it to communicate with.

What is the 'Lob' parameter on the endpoints

Lob stands for line of business, we would allow a client to place an order for SC, DNA, FIT, etc.

Since we are a distributor, so how is the physician_id supposed to work? There is mention in the document that this is the unique id of the physician within the MTL system.

This physician_id is an account for you on MTL portal, and you can use this account for viewing all of orders, report, etc.,

You can assume it as an account id in MTL portal when you are a distributor.

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