Molecular Testing Labs can build and ship kits both to clinics and to patients on demand.

We currently support three different shipping methods:

  • USPS Priority
  • USPS First Class
  • FedEx Overnight

If shipments are not extremely time sensitive, we encourage our clients to use USPS Priority for a number of reasons.

Shipping costs are never marked up and simply passed through to the ordering client.

First, why USPS?

USPS delivers six days a week to every single zip code in the US. They are able to deliver our small, discrete kits directly to patients' doors.

It is also easier for patients to return their samples by dropping pre-addressed USPS mailers in any mailbox.

This added flexibility really helps patients receive and return packages.

USPS Priority vs USPS First Class

Both Priority and First Class have the same receiving and returning advantages; their only difference (aside from price) is speed.

  • USPS Priority takes 2-3 days each way
  • USPS First Class takes 3-5 days each way

Because patients are often antsy about results, we recommend USPS Priority. We know patients appreciate it, and it will lead to less calls for the provider, which we think they'll appreciate as well.

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