Create Lab Order

For a client to place orders

URL :  /PlaceOrder

Method :  POST

Auth required : YES

Example Body 

	"shipping_info": { 
		"first_name": "John",
		"last_name": "Doe",
		"address_1": "123 Big Road", 
		"address_2": "", 
		"city": "Vancouver",
		"state": "WA", 
		"postcode": "98684", 
		"country": "USA" 
	"order_number": "123123", 
	"ordered_date": "2018-07-09T19:53:08.885569Z ", 
	"gender": "male", 
	"date_of_birth": "1962-06-03", 
	"email": "", 
	"phone": "123-842-9999", 
	"shipping_method": 7, 
	"panel_id": [ 26,27 ], 
	"physician_id": 1234, 
	"lob": "SC", 
	"fulfillment": true, 
	"kit_id": null, 
	"patient_signature": null, 
	"insurance": { 
		"dx_code": "L23.3,Z99.0", 
		"payer": "BCBS ALABAMA", 
		"member_id": "VVA20180713", 
		"group_number": "1000713", 
		"claims_address": "123 Big Rd. Vancouver, WA 98684", 
		"is_primary_insured": "1", 
		"primary_first_name": "", 
		"primary_last_name": "", 
		"primary_gender": "", 
		"primary_dob": "", 
		"primary_relationship": "self", 
		"primary_address_1": "", 
		"primary_address_2": "", 
		"primary_city": "", 
		"primary_state": "", 
		"primary_zip": ""
	"replacement": { 
		"origin_order_number": null 
	"patient_id": "", 
	"custom_field": { 
		"custom_01":"custom filed info." 

Object Notes

Variable Expected Type
Length Notes
order_number string 20 a unique id for a client and MTL to communicate with
physician_id number provided after registration with MTL, includes LIS portal access (user name & password)
panel_id int array panels to be ordered - see Example Panel Codes
gender string this is sex at birth and should be entered as either 'male', 'female', or 'unknown'
lob string line of business:
  • SC - Self Collect
  • DNA
  • FIT - Fitness
  • CGx - Cancer Genomics
  • ID - Infectious Disease
shipping_method number
  • 7 – USPS Priority Non-Flat Rate (1-3 Days)
  • 8 – USPS Express (Overnight)
  • 9 – USPS First Class (2-5 Days)
  • 10 – FedEx Priority Overnight (Saturday Delivery)
  • 12 –  FedEx Standard Overnight (Non-Saturday Delivery)
  • 13 –  USPS Priority Flat Rate (1-3 Days)
  • 16 –  FedEx Express Saver (3 Days)

Shipping method is based on contractual agreement

fulfillment boolean must be set to true if Molecular needs to ship a kit
kit_id string 10 required when “fulfillment” set to false
please make kit_id length within 10 digits
patient_signature boolean required for DNA/FIT retail kit order (a client fulfill kits by themselves)
pwn_req_number string 20 for SC use, MTL sends a copy of test result to PWN when the field has a value
origin_order_number string for SC use, only charges for kit/fulfill/shipping when creating an order for a replacement kit
plan_code string for BCBSA use
patient_id string 30 clinic patient id, for linking patient's orders together, this id must be unique for each patient in order to prevent overwriting other patient data
custom_01 string 255 SC only. Clinic can use it to store their custom info. and retrieve from the endpoint of OrderInfo

Example Panel Codes

LOB Panel ID Panel List
SC 26 Gonorrhea
SC 27 Chlamydia
SC 56 Hep B (DBS), Creatinine (DBS), HIV
SC 84 Creatinine (DBS), HIV
DNA 40 Cardiovascular
FIT 36 Fitness DNA
CGX 65 CGx Base
ID 87 Flu

Required Fields

Variable Notes
kit_id required when a client fulfill the kit by themselves
patient_signature required when a client fulfill DNA kit by themselves
pwn_req_no required for a client needs STD results to be sent to PWN
shipping_info UTC
insurance required for an insurance order


If a client places multi-orders at one time, MTL will reply status for each order.

Example Success Response

	"order_number": "123123", 
	"success": true, 
	"error_msg": null 

Example Failure Response  

	"order_number": "234234", 
	"success": false, 
	"error_msg": "Duplicated order number." 

Error Messages for /PlaceOrder

  • Invalid LOB.
  • Order number is required.
  • Test ordered is required.
  • Patient name is required.
  • Address is required.
  • Gender is required.
  • Physician is not registered in the practice.
  • Duplicated kit id.
  • Duplicated order number.
  • Invalid physician id.
  • Missing/Invalid test code.
  • Errors when creating patient demographic.
  • State has wrong format, please use state code, ex: WA for Washington
  • Zip code has wrong format, ex: 98684

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