How to Place a Toxicology E-Order

1. Secure Account Login

  1. Navigate to the secure login URL:
  2. Upon arriving to the site, please enter the unique username and password provided in the welcome e-mail.
  3. Enter the CAPTCHA Validation code and click “Sign in”.
  4. If this is your first login, you will be prompted to create a new password. Please keep username and password credentials private and secure.

2. New Toxicology Order

  1. Click the “Internet Order” tab and select “TOX New Order”.
  2. There are four tabs to be completed when placing an order. Begin with the patient information. All fields in red are required. 

3. Specimen Intake & Billing

  1. Enter the collection date and then choose the appropriate payor type from the drop-down menu:
    1. Medicare
    2. Medicaid
    3. Work Comp
    4. Self Pay / Uninsured
    5. Other / Commercial Insurance
  2. Each Payor type will have specific fields that need to be completed. See below for further instructions on each payor type.
3A. Medicare Payor Selection

  1. The Medicare Beneficiary ID Number (MBI) is required.
  2. If the MBI is not available, the patient Social Security Number must be entered. 
  3. All other fields are helpful in processing the patient claim in a timely manner. 
3B. Medicaid Payor Selection
  1. Please fill out any all information you can provide for patients who are participants in the state Medicaid plan.  
3C. Work Comp Payor Selection

  1. Date of Injury and claim number are required, along with the name of the Work Comp provider. 
  2. Phone number and payor address are helpful in processing the patient claim in a timely manner. 
  3. The ICD10 code related to the injury is required. 
3D. Self Pay / Uninsured Payor Selection
  1. No information is required on this page, but diagnosis codes will still be required in the test order selection pages.
3E. Other / Commercial Insurance Payor Selection 

  1. Payor name, policy number, and group number are required.
  2. Guarantor name and relationship to patient can be “Self” but if the primary plan is under a parent or spouse, their name and relationship must be provided. 
  3. Phone number and payor address are helpful in processing the patient claim in a timely manner.

4. Testing Selection

  1.  Select the specimen type.
  2.  Select testing.
  3.  “Screen to Confirm” or “Screen Only” testing is available for clinics that did not perform or bill for screening on the specimen. Confirmation-only options are only offered for analytes where no lab screen is available. 
  4.  “Screen to Confirm” or “Screen Only” testing will not be available to clinics that have already performed and billed for screening on the specimen, however additional  “Confirmation Only” options will be available.

5. Patient Medication

  1. Patient Medications are searched in the left table and moved over to the right table. 
  2. If you are entering an order for an existing patient, medications listed in the previous orders will be auto-populated into the right table and should be checked for accuracy. 
  3. Medications can be moved back and forth between tables using the arrow buttons between the tables. 

6. Summary Page

  1. The provider should review all the information entered on the previous tabs.
  2. To edit a section click the “Edit” button.
  3. Once the provider has verified that all the information is correct, the provider can enter their electronic signature PIN to submit the order.

7. Confirmation Page

  1. ALL specimens are required to have at least two unique patient identifiers listed on the collection device. The confirmation page will display an image of the specimen label, including the information that is required to be listed on it. 
  2. If multiple specimen types are used, a sticker will need to be completed for each specimen. 
  3. Specimens labeled incorrectly will be rejected. 

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