Dried Blood Spot Card Collection Instructions


  1. Write your name, date of birth, and the date of collection in the designated fields.
    Use MM/ DD/YYYY format.
  2. Open blood card flap to expose the circles on the blood collection paper. Do not touch the blood collection paper.
  3. Wash hands with warm water for at least 30 seconds, then shake hands vigorously for 15 seconds to encourage blood flow to your fingers.
  4. Clean fingertip with alcohol pad. It is best to use the middle or ring finger of your non-dominant hand.
  5. Take the lancet and twist off the cap. Press the small tip firmly into the side of your finger, near the tip, until the needle ejects with a click. Lancet is single use. Keeping your hand below your heart during collection, massage finger from base to tip to encourage blood flow.
  6. Starting at the center, apply 3-6 drops to fill the circle and soak through the collection paper. Do not touch the blood collection paper with your finger as this will restrict blood flow. Once circle is full or blood starts to dry, move on to next circle.
  7. Fill each circle on the blood collection paper completely. It is okay for blood to extend beyond lines.

    More than one drop of blood will be required to fill each circle.

    Do not add additional blood to a circle once completed or dry. The “layering” of blood will invalidate the collection.
  8. Check the back side of blood collection paper. Blood should saturate all the way through and fill each circle of the collection paper.

    Allow blood collection paper to air dry on a flat surface for 15 minutes. Do not heat or blow dry blood collection paper. Heat will damage the specimen.

  9. When blood collection paper is dry, close blood card by tucking flap. Place the blood card into biohazard bag with the desiccant pack. Ensure biohazard bag is properly sealed.

Tips For Proper Blood Collection

  • Hydration promotes blood flow. Be sure you are not dehydrated when performing collection.
  • Do not perform collection immediately after smoking.
  • Washing and warming your hands under warm water will help promote blood flow in your hands.
  • Shake hands vigorously towards the floor to encourage blood flow to your fingers.
  • Keep blood card and hands below your heart during collection for best blood flow.

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