How To Place A Self-Collect Order

If you are using our Self-Collect ordering tab, you'll find instructions on placing an order through our portal below.

NOTE: Before you can order, you'll need to create a new password.

Once you receive the welcome email from registration, navigate to the portal and create a new password.

  1. Once logged in, click on the Internet Order Tab and select Self-Collect Order Entry.
  2. Fill in the required patient information
    • The following fields are required:
      • Practice (if you have more than one account you may place orders for)
      • Date Ordered
      • Patient Name
        • First
        • Last
      • Patient DoB (mm/dd/yyyy format)
      • Patient Email
      • Patient Phone Number
      • Patient Address
        • Street 1
        • City
        • State
        • Zip Code
      • Sex at Birth
    • The country should be set the USA.
    • Please ignore the PWN Req Number unless specifically instructed to use it by your account manager.
  3. Select the tests that you would like included in the shipment.
    • If you would like devices to go out in separate packages, please submit them as different orders.
  4. Click Create Order to complete the order submission.

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